Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Bondathon: A James Bond Film Marathon

I'm excited to announce my exciting and epic marathon:

~ The Bondathon: A James Bond Film Marathon ~

In anticipation for the upcoming James Bond film Skyfall, I am going to watch each and every James Bond film. Each and every one! That's 23 films (the official 22 + Never Say Never Again) from now until November 2012. I'm excited. That's a buckload of Bond including Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton, Daniel Craig. How will I do it? All the Bonds! All the gadgets, the wild deceptions, the amazing locations and the crazy villains!

I'm really exited, and a little scared. I attempted this feat in 2008 in anticipated of Quantum of Solace but only make it to the first Roger Moore film. I think it was really meant to happen this year instead, and it's all the more exciting with it being the 50th anniversary year as the first film Dr. No (1962). It will be really interesting to see the changing of tides with the times as we follow Mr. 007 throughout 50 years of culture of film.

I can't wait to see if my memory of the films are intact, or even if I've actually seem them all - I assume I have, but I don't actually know! But I will by the end of this. Plus I'll get to the root important questions like who my favourite Bond is (if I have one!), whether or not it helps me understand espionage films better, if the gadgets that felt so advance now actual exist, what the true identifiers of a Bond film are and if I even like them and of course the most important question: is Moonraker is as ridiculous as everyone says? I'm tempted to count the explosions, but I think that might be too micro even for me.

My plan is to watch the films chronologically starting this weekend, and then podcast about them on The Movie Moxie Podcast the following week. I may do written reviews as well, I'll have to see how that goes. If you would like to play along, or jump in for your favourite films (or Bonds!) you are more than welcome to. Here are the details

Bondathon Schedule *
Dr. No - May 11, 2012
From Russia with Love - May 18, 2012
Goldfinger - May 24, 2012
Thunderball - June 1, 2012
You Only Live Twice - June 8, 2012
On Her Majesty's Secret Service - June 15, 2012
Diamonds Are Forever - June 22, 2012
Live and Let Die - June 29, 2012
The Man with the Golden Gun - July 6, 2012
The Spy Who Loved Me - July 20, 2012
Moonraker - July 27, 2012
For Your Eyes Only - August 3, 2012
Never Say Never Again - August 10, 2012
Octopussy - August 17, 2012
A View to a Kill - August 24, 2012
The Living Daylights - August 31, 2012
Licence to Kill - September 7, 2012
GoldenEye - September 28 2012
Tomorrow Never Dies - October 5, 2012
The World Is Not Enough - October 12, 2012
Die Another Day - October 19, 2012
Casino Royale - November 2, 2012
Quantum of Solace - November 9, 2012

And of course I'll talk about Skyfall on November 16, 2012 after it's November 9, 2012 release.

* schedule indicates date of review of the film on Movie Moxie Podcast. If you'd like to play along watch the movie the week before starting May 4, 2012 with Dr. No. You may notice a few gaps throughout the dates, which are intentional to give breaks for both the Toronto International Film Festival and the Toronto After Dark Film Festival because I can't have conflicts of any kind during them!

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